About our classes:

Booty Core Strength

Focusing purely on strengthening your abs, butts and thighs. A combination of strength enhancing and muscle toning exercises will target common problem areas. This class delivers an intense regime that is designed to yield results.


Functional Circuit Training where every class is different and can be regressed or progressed for your fitness ability. Work at your own pace within the timing allocated per exercise within the circuit.


Combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest HIIT training techniques to set the metabolism on fire! 30 minute classes which get results! It is a functional and effective workout that will change the way you train.


30-minute circuit workout is one of the most intense strategies for building muscle, burning fat, and improving fitness. Take your conditioning workouts to another level with MetaPWR!

Total Body Conditioning

Is a full-body workout (incorporating equipment) that is designed to increase strength, mobility, stability, endurance, cardiovascular fitness and sporting performance, each class is different so you’ll never get bored.

Total Body Strength

Learning your foundational movements squatting, pressing, pulling and the deadlift each class is different so you’ll never get bored.

* NB: This Total Body Strength class will be replaced by a Stretch & Release class on the second Wednesday of the month @ 5:30pm & the last Saturday of the month @ 8am.

Tempo Strength

Perfect for beginners – we use dumbbells only in this class where we focus on form, through slow controlled movements being time under tension. 


You choose! One side of the room is dedicated to cardio and the other side is weights. We run this in a 3-week block program so we are actively progressing to increase strength and cardio endurance.