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Mum & Bubs fitness class

6 week program

Mums & Bubs


We have been listening and we are now ready for an exclusive 6 week program for Mums & Bubs which has now been added to our weekly timetable! 

Are you a new mum who is postpartum 6 weeks+?

Are you ready to return to exercise in a safe, supported environment with like-minded ladies?

Our 6-week program will focus on 

  • Increased fitness
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Improve energy levels
  • Rebuild Core & Pelvic Floor
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Develop strength
  • Improve endurance
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce stress
  • Faster post-natal recovery
  • Meet new friends

I really look forward to the Mums & Bubs class each week. I get to catch up with other mothers in the area, and keep fit and strong! 



Start a health relationship between Mum and Bub today!  

Classes run every Monday at 11 am for 30 minutes, for 6 weeks. Our aim is to build your ability, self-confidence, and fitness to transition into our Group Fitness Classes.

Pregnant ladies can also attend our Mum & Bub classes and will be given variations to the exercises.

We have also added a “bonus class” to our 6-week program – you are able to attend any class on our timetable that suits you so you can meet with our current members to help build your confidence and fitness.

This really helps women returning to exercise safely and we have found the 2 classes added together weekly are just the right amount for new postpartum ladies. 

 Our May, June and August programs all sold out in less than 24hrs! 

Our Next round starts NOVEMber the 1st.
spaces are limited with only one spot left 
Upfront Payment:

$149 +GST


* Payment Plans available, send us a message to request more info.

more Client Testimonials

✅ Self-Confidence

✅ Stronger

✅ Healthier

✅ Fitter



I’m absolutely loving your classes & seeing results just makes me want to strive to achieve more… so happy to have come this far not just with my weight but my energy levels, fitness, body confidence & learning when & what to eat…



Since I started training with Kirby Bree Fitness, I’ve lost 11kg & 26cm. I’m back into clothes I was in on my honeymoon (9 years & 3 kids ago!!)