Total Body Strength

Total Body Strength Suitable for all fitness abilities. Total Body Strength is a fusion of learning the correct Slot Gacor technique of barbell movements such as deadlifts, squats, clean & jerk, push press, strict press, and many other movements. This is a...


Your ultimate circuit class Get in, get out


Abs, Butt & Thighs 3 areas women love to hate. We use a mixture of bands, weights and bodyweight movements for our ABT class.

Boxing HIIT

We love to box here at Kirby Bree Fitness. We have strict policies in place allowing boxing to resume within our gym post COVID19. Which will mean you do need your own inners, gloves, and pads to attend this class. You can purchase these items from Big W, Kmart, or...

Total Body Conditioning

Total Body Conditioning  Suitable for all fitness abilities.  Full-body strength and conditioning class. This class is a series favourite with our current clients and new clients who trial our group fitness classes.  BENEFITS + Boost Metabolism + Burn Calories + Build...


metafit Suitable Agen Sbobet for all fitness abilities. metafit is a fusion of full-body compound exercises such as push-ups and squats Agen Sbobet followed by cardio exercises like burpees and high knees. The combination of body resistance training with...