Drop A Dress Size 


Drop A Dress Size



Our 28-Day Fitness Kickstart is wrapped up in our NEW program called Drop A Dress Size In 28 days! 

This offer is open to new clients and current members of KBF. 

We’ve transformed many women like you into a better version of themselves.

Now we’re inviting YOU to be one of our success stories!

What if, in 2023, you can:


✅ Tone Up and Get Lean

✅ Increase Health and Fitness

✅ Be a part of a community of other like-minded women

✅ Increase your body’s metabolism

✅ Transform into a completely New You

Yes, you will have to put in the work but here’s how we’re going to help you get Results:

 ** What you need to know **

Start anytime in February 2023. 

28 days of unlimited access to group fitness classes

30 Minute goal setting session with a coach that will help you set clear goals over the next 28 days and keep you accountable. 

An online nutrition program that teaches you “what to eat, & when to eat”  & helps you work in a calorie deficit to drop a dress size in 28 days! Access for life to this online nutrition program 

To get started, click JOIN NOW below. 


Kirby x






Client Testimonials

✅ Self-Confidence

✅ Stronger

✅ Healthier

✅ Fitter



I’m absolutely loving your classes & seeing results just makes me want to strive to achieve more… so happy to have come this far not just with my weight but my energy levels, fitness, body confidence & learning when & what to eat…



Since I started training with Kirby Bree Fitness, I’ve lost 11kg & 26cm. I’m back into clothes I was in on my honeymoon (9 years & 3 kids ago!!)