28 Day Fitness Kickstart


28 Day Fitness Kickstart


Are you sick of:

❗Each year, always saying that “this will be the year.”

❗Feeling like you have to be some sort of super athlete or fitness model to even set foot in a regular gym?

❗Feeling like just another number at regular gyms and trainers not remembering your name?

You want to get feel comfortable in your skin, feel lean and strong, flatten the belly, and tone and shape the arms, butt and thighs, all while still being able to enjoy a few wines on the weekends… is that too much to ask for?

Hell no!

That’s why we’ve created the 28-Day Fitness Kickstart

You’ll get:

✅ Full custom meal plans 

✅ Shopping lists and recipes to make everything as simple and quick as possible for you

✅ Training in our small groups designed to build lean muscle and kick the metabolism into overdrive

✅ Your own mentor/coach for complete guidance and accountability throughout the entire process.

✅ In a supportive environment of other ladies just like you and all fitness levels welcome

✅ Throw in some fun and banter for good measure too

And tracking of your results so you have the confidence to fit into old clothes again.

Our 28-day program costs $50 per week or $199.

Some ladies either pay in full or set up a weekly direct debit; the choice is yours; we just want to help you get started 💗






Client Testimonials

✅ Self-Confidence

✅ Stronger

✅ Healthier

✅ Fitter



I’m absolutely loving your classes & seeing results just makes me want to strive to achieve more… so happy to have come this far not just with my weight but my energy levels, fitness, body confidence & learning when & what to eat…



Since I started training with Kirby Bree Fitness, I’ve lost 11kg & 26cm. I’m back into clothes I was in on my honeymoon (9 years & 3 kids ago!!)