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Come and trial 7 days of unlimited classes to see if we are a good fit for you! 

our mission:

We are the lighthouse for all women of the universe who are unable to see that they are worthy of investing in themselves, giving women self-confidence and the ability to have a voice of courage and a true sense of belonging, guiding them on their path to living their ultimate health and wellness lifestyle.

We do this through balanced movement, nutrition, and mindset coaching.

Kirby Bree Fitness - 7 Day New Client Trial


To form real connections with like minded women who are compassionate and understanding & uphold a true sense of belonging.


Knowing that this doesn’t have to come from within, when supported and guided by the women within our community. 


To freely feel, be and believe in yourself to move. Without limitations. 

Kirby understands how important it is to have a space for your children while you work out.

We offer a FREE play area for your children.

Our fully enclosed children’s area can be seen from our workout space, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on your workout without worrying about organising care. 

New clients can trial 7 days of unlimited classes for $20 to see if we are a good fit. 

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group fitness

We believe that our power as women is in the support of our tribe and the quality of the people we surround ourselves with.


… and have a heap of fun while doing it!

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1-on-1 Training

For some, joining in a group fitness class can feel far too overwhelming if we are already feeling self-conscious, with a lack of ability, fear of failure and embarrassment.

This is why women join our 1 on 1 personal training sessions.

Tailored to your individual needs and ability, with the focus 100% on you for your 30 minute session.

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– Exclusive 6 week program-

Monday @ 11am

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I’m not a fan of the DIY gym environment but  I love how comfortable Kirby’s classes are.

Kirby is such a relaxed and easy-going person and her group training environment is so comfortable because of that.

Highly recommend.



Kirby gets women and understands the complexities of motherhood on the body, mind and soul. The classes are child-friendly and supportive so you can enjoy a great workout. After only a few weeks I was feeling stronger, healthier and happier.

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Kirby, where to even start?
I’ve never really found somewhere I felt comfortable going to to exercise or felt I could stick to it, until I found you!

Thank you for always believing in me and pushing me when I really need it. I am so excited for your new venture and look forward to seeing what amazing things are in store.



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The best workout to do when you have your period?

The best workout to do when you have your period?

The best workout to do when you have your period? Cramps and period can make exercising suck! … unless you know what the best workout to do is when you have your period. When you have your period (Day 1 - 7) Did you know that your cycle starts on the first day of your...