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After the birth of our third child Harper, I experienced postnatal depression and was seeking an outlet to feel like the “old me”… we lived interstate – disconnected from family and close friends…

I always loved exercise and how it honestly makes you feel better… so I started at the local gym, but the experience wasn’t thrilling and I often wondered why it felt so disconnecting… it wasn’t until we returned from living interstate that I knew it was time to start my own fitness business. I couldn’t get a start within the fitness industry as I had 3 young children and wasn’t able to work the hours they required.

I knew that I could provide a service for women to come and feel like their old self again, and become comfortable and confident within their own skin.

I started classes in the local scout hall and quickly outgrew the venue… In November of 2019 I was able to relocate to our new premises in Cardiff and our business continues to grow daily with ladies reaching out to achieve their very own success stories of living their best life.

We would be honoured if you joined us on creating the largest movement in Lake Macquarie for women in fitness.



Mum of Kobie my beautiful 3yr old! Everything I do, everything I want in life revolves around him and his future!

I became a PT when I was a young single mum and felt completely isolated at home, all day feeling alone, withdrawn, and completely lost. I wanted to join a gym but no one catered for my child, 5 months later I woke up and went boom. I am going to change that! I am going to change how I feel and I am going to help other mums change that too. 

Fast forward 3 years and I have my Cert lll and my Cert IV in Health & Fitness. I am working hard to expand my knowledge and my qualifications to become the best for you.

My mission is to help mums become the strongest, the best and the most passionate they can! I want to help you raise your children with a positive view, raise them seeing you exercise and eat healthy to bring a whole new outlook on life.

My passion is group fitness. Get in smash out a 30 minute workout while your child sees you and you can see them, & leave feeling on top of the world.

My favourite saying – live in the moment you have no idea what’s around the corner dream big, love bigger.

✅ Self-Confidence

✅ Stronger

✅ Healthier

✅ Fitter



I’m absolutely loving your classes & seeing results just makes me want to strive to achieve more… so happy to have come this far not just with my weight but my energy levels, fitness, body confidence & learning when & what to eat…



Since I started training with Kirby Bree Fitness, I’ve lost 11kg & 26cm. I’m back into clothes I was in on my honeymoon (9 years & 3 kids ago!!)



A service where women can come and feel like their old self again. To become comfortable and confident within their own skin.

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