Quick 20 Minute Abs, Butt & Thigh

Apr 1, 2022 | Uncategorized

Welcome to Day 1 of your ABT Class 💗 ABT, stands for Abs, Butt & Thigh 🙌

In this workout, no equipment is needed.

The workout will be 20 seconds on each exercise with a 10-second rest, repeating all movements 3 times through.

The exercises are:
Frog Pumps
Fire Hydrant
Switch Side
Donkey Kicks
Switch Side
Plank Toe Taps Alternating
Superman Plank
Clam Shell
Switch Side
Switch Side
Hands to Chest

This is a good slow burn in the glutes!

Let me know how you go in the comments below ⬇️

Kirby x

Disclaimer: If you are new to exercise or planning on embarking on a new fitness programme, you should consult your physician. This video may offer health, fitness or nutritional information and is meant for educational purposes only. This information is not meant as an alternative to seeking professional medical advice or suggested treatment. Please know that performing any exercise or programme is solely at your own risk.