Group Fitness

Jun 8, 2019 | Uncategorized

Who is Kirby Bree Fitness suitable for? 

👉 Women

👏 Women that are feed up with putting themselves last

🔥 Women who want to be body confident after having children

🌟 Women who are tired, unmotivated and lack energy

😍 Women that want to be part of a community of like minded ladies that can have a laugh before/after class, but help motivate each other through a workout

😀 Women that are feed up with being home all day, everyday with their children and need an outlet that isn’t playgroup.

Kirby Bree Fitness is Lake Macquarie’s number ONE group fitness centre in Lake Macquarie

With over 70 ladies attending weekly, Kirby understands what women need.

Quick 30 minute workouts. That women can attend without “MUM GUILT”

With over 9 classes weekly, at Valentine Scout Hall, and offering Small Group Sessions in a private studio, Kirby Bree Fitness can meet your needs. Click HERE to view current timetable.